Football Editions No.1 Football Icons

Icons for icons. What might the brands of players from yesteryear look like? The first in a series of football publications we have produced. We picked a 1-11 of the greatest players, not always choosing the most obvious, but players that have interesting stories. Each of the icons we created has a link back to the player, with a smile in the mind idea. We also produced a custom font with exaggerated football style ‘O’s.

Here’s our little intro.

20 years ago David Beckham had just made his international debut with England. A sublime goal from the halfway line shortly followed and truly put Golden Balls on the map. A footballing icon was born — and so was the global brand that is David Beckham.

In more recent times we’ve seen record-breaking transfer fees for internationals Paul Pogba and Gareth Bale, both regarded amongst the top players in the world, both seen as future footballing icons. To maximise the marketability of the world’s greatest athletes, a logo, brand marque, symbol — whatever you want to name it — is seen as a necessity.

In other sports, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods have all built their brand empires from the creation of a graphic icon. How might the brands of World Cup stars from yesteryear look like had they still been in the game today?