Pickle Juice Book design / Art direction

Pickle Juice by Florence Cherruault showcases over 50 exciting pickle-based cocktails and health drinks that are quick to make, easy to adapt and super cheap!

With fun ideas for shurbs, vinegars, Bloody Marys and chasers as well as other inventive ways you can serve-up your homemade pickled tipples, Pickle Juice will elevate your home bar and transform the way you drink – forever.

We used the beautiful Raisonné, a geometric sans-serif type by Colophon Foundry. The typeface complimented the patterns and brought a lovely playfulness to the spreads.


Publisher: Kate Pollard
Commissioning Editor: Kajal Mistry
Art Direction and Illustrations: NotOnSunday
Recipe Editor: Andrea O’Connor
Photographer: Clare Lewington
Photography Assistant: Emma Guscott
Food Stylist and Hand Model: Holly Cowgill
Cocktail Maker: Gwill Wales
Prop Stylist: Ginger Whisk
Indexer: Cathy Heath