Scouts Brand identity

NotOnSunday worked closely with the team at Scouts to create a bold new brand and visual identity, focusing on skills for life as their key benefit. 

It was important for us that we created a brand that was fun and exciting whilst retaining strong links to its heritage. We did this through creating a new contemporary fleur-de-lis that will be immediately recognisable, and more usable in print, fabric and digital. Along with extensive guidelines we worked with the team to create a series of brand templates that follow a simple and adaptable system for the Scouts members to use.”

The new brand aims to better communicate the character, employability and practical skills young people gain. This will help raise public understanding and awareness of Scouting’s impact on members and their local communities. It also conveys belonging as the brand’s key emotional effect – with every member feeling a valued part of the UK’s largest youth movement. 

Transform Awards Europe 2019
– Best localisation of an international brand (Gold)
– Best visual identity from a charity/NGO/non-profit (Bronze)

Creative Review. The Annual 2019
– Selected

The ambition of the Scouts rebrand is summed up on page 7 of our new brand guidelines – problem solvers and team players. We assembled a unique bunch of creatives, supported by volunteers and staff to reshape our brand to better reflect our values and belief in preparing young people with the skills they need to succeed in life. Our brand guidelines, visual identity and range of templates for members to use – created with NotOnSunday sums up this attitude and would not have been possible without Trevor and Mike.

Kevin Yeates
Head of Creative