The Book of Christmas Book design / Art direction

Christmas. The biggest party in the world. The most widely observed festival on Earth. But why do we celebrate it in the way that we do? Over the years great scholars and gifted academics have wrestled each other to a bloodied standstill over the question of Christmas, only to retire baffled and broken.

In The Book of Christmas, best-selling author and acclaimed historian, Christopher Winn, casts a revealing eye over the stories, myths, legends and (quite often) bizarre traditions of the most celebrated festival of the year. Featuring a detailed Christmas timeline outlining significant moments throughout history as well as the captivating stories behind many of the more mainstream customs, The Book of Christmas unearths all sorts of unusual and symbolic traditions from around the world; from the Druidical origins of the parasitic plant mistletoe and why we now associate it with kissing, to Japan’s predilection for a Kentucky Fried Chicken Christmas dinner. Find out why we send cards, hang decorations, sing carols, eat turkey and much, much more, and discover the fascinating truth behind this very special religious holiday.

Charmingly written and beautifully illustrated by Hollie Brown.


Publisher: Kate Pollard
Commissioning Editor: Kajal Mistry
Junior Editor: Eila Purvis
Cover and Interior Design: NotOnSunday
Illustrations: Hollie Brown
Editor: Steve Dobell
Proofreader: Wendy Hobson
Indexer: Cathy Heath